Go to Mexico with Mexico Car Insurance in Chicago, IL

Are you thinking about taking a trip south of the border? By driving your own vehicle, you can avoid the hassle of international flights and baggage fees.




Even with those perks, you still need to consider other factors when you drive to Mexico. Those factors include the follow:

  • Different traffic laws
  • Possibilities of theft
  • Challenge of finding a suitable auto repair shop

Perhaps the easiest factor to overlook is the importance of purchasing reliable travel insurance. This might include auto, boat, or international health insurance.

Most regular insurance companies don’t provide foreign coverage. Luckily, Great Northern Insurance Agency has policies for boat and auto insurance for Mexico travel. We provide these policies by working with Seguros Ana, a native Mexican insurance agency.

Mexican Insurance for Mexico Travel

As one of Mexico’s most respected insurers, Seguros Ana is both helpful and reliable. Their native know-how and experience can make your journey safe and enjoyable.

With a 24-hour toll-free claims hotline, Seguros Ana gives you protection whenever and wherever you travel. When you call the hotline, you’ll speak to a real person who speaks both English and Spanish. Their quick response times can help you get back on the road and back to your vacation.

Due to an update in the law, it is mandatory to have at least a liability insurance policy for travel on all Mexican federal roads and highways. Causing a third party death in any car accident can cost up to $300,000 USD.

For questions, you’re welcome to speak with one of our helpful insurance agents who will help you navigate different policies to allow for a smooth trip. Call Great Northern Insurance Agency today at (773) 838-3900 for the latest updates on car insurance for Mexico.

Before you go to Mexico, contact us. We’ll update you on the roads, laws, and conditions. We are the #1 source for Mexican insurance.




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