New Mandatory Auto Insurance Law Effective July 1, 2021 from Illinois Secretary of State - Electronic Automobile Insurance Verification

Car Insurance in Chicago, IL

When you look for auto insurance in Chicago, you need a variety of options so you can choose exactly what you need. Most car insurance agencies only work with one company, so they offer limited options.

In comparison, Great Northern Insurance Agency works with over 20 companies. As a result, we have access to special policies and competitive rates other agencies don’t. When you work with one of our experienced agents, you’ll find a customized auto insurance policy with exactly the coverage and price you need.




Comprehensive, Affordable Coverage

Car insurance pays for your medical bills and car repairs if you get into an accident. It can also protect you if an uninsured motorist hits your car.

But not every insurance policy in Chicago, IL provides the same coverage level. Our agents can help you find a policy that meets Illinois legal requirements, but they can also connect you with a plan that offers any additional coverage you desire.

Unique Coverage Options

In addition to general car insurance, we can also help you find extra coverage in Chicago, IL. We provide a roadside assistance program that offers towing and unlocking services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also provide a travel protection plan that pays for a car rental if you get into an accident.

You can find the right car insurance for special considerations as well. We offer SR-22 car insurance for at-risk drivers and insurance for those who frequently travel to Mexico.

Get a Quote

Not only can we find you specialized coverage, but we can also offer you the most affordable plan possible. With access to so many different plans from over 20 companies, we’ll connect you with a low-cost plan you’ll love.

Remember to take advantage of additional discounts when you combine your home & car insurance. Call us today for a free quote at (773) 838-3900 and feel confident getting behind the wheel.

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