New Mandatory Auto Insurance Law Effective July 1, 2021 from Illinois Secretary of State - Electronic Automobile Insurance Verification

What is SR-22 Insurance

Ever been in an accident? If so, you’ve had to deal with recovering from an injury or meeting an insurance representative. But what if you experience a car accident while uninsured? As a resident of Chicago or a nearby area, you may need SR-22 insurance to gain back your driving privileges.

What is SR-22?

Unlike standard auto insurance, an SR-22 is a form filed with the state. It ensures that liability for personal injury and property damage are in force. SR-22 auto insurance is also known as financial responsibility insurance. It meets the state’s mandatory insurance law and may lift the suspension on your license.

When Is It Needed?

You need an SR-22 if the courts say you do. Even if you do not own a vehicle you may need an SR-22 to clear your license and we can help with that.

Why the SR-22 Matters

If you’ve applied for an SR-22, you’ll need to carry it for three years. But fortunately, you may be able to keep your driving privileges as long as you keep the SR-22 certificate in force. If you default on a payment to your insurance carrier, a cancellation notice is sent to the Secretary of State and your driver’s license will be suspended. Once your policy gets reinstated (or renewed, if expired) your insurance company will notify the Secretary of State. Remember, do not drive until you receive the Secretary of State’s letter restoring your driving privilege. For more information go to

When you come to Great Northern Insurance Agency, you can receive all the help you seek, whether you need a cheap auto insurance policy or guidance for your SR-22 application. Our Insurance Companies will electronically transmit your SR-22 filing to the Secretary of State to apply to your license. At Great Northern we make it easy for you! Call us at (773) 838-3900 or stop into one of our 3 easy to reach offices.

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